The fastest way to purchase tickets for our express lines is through Matkahuolto mobile app or online store.

Online tickets
  • An online ticket is a bus ticket you can buy on the internet. You can buy online ticket through Matkahuolto online store
  • An online ticket is only valid on the day and time for which it is purchased
  • Online tickets cannot be refunded or exchange
  • When getting on the bus, passengers must demonstrate their right to travel by presenting a photo ID, a passport or a driver's license issued by the police. If you purchased tickets for several passengers at a time, the person whose name is on the ticket must prove their identity.
  • Customers buying discount tickets (pensioner, juniors 6-16) must fulfill the discount terms and conditions. A discount card must be presented to the driver. If a passenger with a discount ticket cannot present the relevant discount card to the driver, the driver has no obligation to take the passenger on without an extra charge.
  • Online tickets are not refundable.
  • For the rest, the online store complies with the existing Matkahuolto conditions and Finnish law.
Buying tickets on the bus or at a station

You can buy your ticket at the station or on the bus. When you purchase your ticket on the bus, the price will based on our table of fares.

Payment methods

At the online store

E-commerce payment methods can be found in the Online tickets section above.

On the bus

If possible, have enough cash with you to pay for your fare. Avoid using 50-euro bills or larger, as our ability to make change is limited. We accept the the following credit cards: Finnish Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.

The driver will give you a receipt of the payment. You should keep the receipt in case tickets are inspected at some point. If you are found travelling without a ticket, you will be charged a full single fare.

However, if you use a travel card, there will be no receipt. If you have a personal ticket, you must be able to prove your identity. The fare is always paid for at the beginning of the trip.

Driver's pricelist
Redemption terms

Unused domestic bus tickets purchased from the Matkahuolto office can be redeemed. The redemption of tickets must be done within one month (1 month) from the end of the validity of the ticket. The service fee will be charged when returning Matkahuolto bus tickets.

We cannot accept exchange tickets from other companies.


Kids, youth, pensioners and students are granted discounts from some of our routes. You can check pricelists here.