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Do you have questions for us? Take a look at the FAQ section below. You can also contact us by phone +358 15 7600 700 (Mon–Fri 8.00–16.00) or via feedback form.

Can I bring a pet on the bus, and what will it cost?

Pets can travel with you on Savonlinja buses. Harmless pets may travel with you, provided there is room inside the bus, and are the passenger's responsibility. The pet should be kept on board in such a way that they cause minimal disturbance to other passengers. Pets are not allowed to use a seat or be left loose inside the vehicle.

Any allergic passengers already on the bus have the right to choose their preferred seat. However, other passengers cannot prevent pets from entering the bus.

Savonlinja charges a fee of 5 euro per pet.  You may not reserve a seat when travelling with a pet. There is no extra charge for travelling with a guide dog or assistance dog.

Can I bring my bicycle on the bus?

You can also add additional services, like bicycle, for your journey from Matkahuolto online store. You can take one bicycle on the bus. Altogether up to 2 bicycles can be carried on the bus. For a bicycle, we charge a fee of 10 € in addition to the price of the ticket.

Can I cancel my ticket or exchange it fot another journey?

Oline store complies with the existing Matkahuolto conditions and Finnish law. You can read more here.

How old does a child need to be to travel alone on the bus?

We do not have an age limit for children travelling unattended, and we trust parental judgment in this respect. The driver is not able to attend to children travelling unattended during the journey, and the driver may need to exit the vehicle to handle cargo, for example. The best place for a child to sit is immediately behind the driver.

We recommend escorting the child to the seat and ensuring that the child is picked up from inside the bus by an adult at the destination. You can print an  identification card  for the child for the journey using our website.

Does this bus stop at bus top X or town Y?

Enter only your departure point, destination and travel date in the search fields in Matkahuolto online store. You can search for a journey without purchasing a ticket.

Do you offer discounts for students or pensioners?

We offer discounts for certain age groups via the online store or when buying a ticket from the driver. Please note that the customer must present a card as proof of entitlement when buying a discount ticket. You can find more information about discounts under Travelling/Discounts.

Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?

No. You can also buy a ticket from the driver when you board the bus. We kindly ask our customers to bring the correct change for the tickets, if possible. Please avoid using banknotes of 50 euro or more, as the driver has a limited amount of change.