Holiday schedules

Holidays might cause some exceptions to our timetables, so please check the coming official holidays before planning trip around those days. 

Kuopio-Joensuu -routes

Easter 2022
Friday 15.4., Fri-journeys
Saturday 16.4., Sat-journeys
Sunday 17.4., Sun-journeus
Monday 18.4., Sun- and SS-journeys

First of May 2022
No exceptions

Ascension Day 2022
Thursday 26.5., Sun-journeys
Friday 27.5., Fri-journeys
Saturday 28.5., Sat-journeys
Sunday 29.5., Sun- and SS-journeys


Weekday journeys = M-F-journeys
M journeys = operates as on a Monday associated with a weekend
F journeys = operates as on a Friday associated with a weekend
Sat journeys = operates as on a normal Saturday

Regional exceptions are possible.

With permission of the authorities, we reserve the right to make any changes. We are not responsible for any missed connections in cases of delay.

More information is available from all of our company’s locations.