We want to guarantee all our passengers the best possible trip.


Bags, bikes, skis, strollers - travel conveniently and inexpensively with your luggage with Savonlinja!

Your ticket price includes hand luggage as well as one large piece of luggage defined as suitcases. Hand luggage is transported inside the bus, on a shelf or legroom. Other luggage is carried in the hold. Mark your luggage with a name tag and make sure you get your own luggage when you leave the bus. Please notice that luggage should withstand normal handling during the voyage. Passengers are responsible for any hand luggage lost during the voyage.

The hand luggage in the passenger compartment must not take up passenger space. We highly recommend a travel insurance if you carry valuable luggage!

Surcharges for luggage

The surcharge for extra luggage  is 5 euros/item. The surcharge for large items is based on Matkahuolto carriage rates. Should you wish to send only luggage and not travel, the rates and the procedure is based on Matkahuolto's rates and instructions.

Strollers €5

Folding strollers are carried free of charge.  There are differences in local transport in different cities.

Skis and snowboards €5

Children's skis free of charge.

Bicycle €10

You can take one bicycle on the bus. Altogether up to 2 bicycles can be carried on the bus. Tickect for a bicycle you can buy on Matkahuolto webstore or mobile app, while buying a ticket for yourself.

Alone traveling child

A child pass allows an adult to send a child safely on their own. You can print child pass from  here  (form in Finnish).

The child pass must be printed tree times, one for the child, one for the adult and one for the driver. The passport should include the name and address of the child, the place of departure and time, the name and telephone number, the place and time of arrival, the person’s name who picks up the child.

The driver takes care that the child reaches the right person at the destination.

Person of reduced mobility

We assist persons of reduced mobility and persons with disabilities in accordance with the EU Regulation No 181/2011. Assistance is provided regardless of the trip distance.

Travelling with a pet

Pets can travel with you on Savonlinja buses. Harmless pets may travel with you, provided there is room inside the bus, and are the passenger's responsibility. The pet should be kept on board in such a way that they cause minimal disturbance to other passengers. Pets are not allowed to use a seat or be left loose inside the vehicle.

Any allergic passengers already on the bus have the right to choose their preferred seat. However, other passengers cannot prevent guide dogs or assistance dogs from entering the bus.

Savonlinja charges a fee of 5 euro per each pet. You may not reserve a seat when travelling with a pet. There is no extra charge for travelling with a guide dog or assistance dog.

Lost property

You can inquire about lost property.

By phone +358 15 7600 700

Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00
or via feedback form.