Holiday schedules 2022

Holidays might cause some exceptions to our timetables, so please check the coming official holidays before planning trip around those days. 

Kuopio-Joensuu -routes

All Saint’s Day
Sat 5.11. Sun-routes
Sun 6.11. Sun- and SS-routes

Independence Day
Sun 4.12. Sun-routes
Mon 5.12. M-routes
Tu 6.12. Sun-routes

Sat 24.12. Sat-routes until 13 o’clock
Sun 25.12. No any routes
Mon 26.12. Sun- and SS-routes

Thu 5.1. Thu-routes
Fri 6.1. Sun-routes

Transports to Savonlinna Opera Festival

We transport to Savonlinna Opera Festivals in July. Hop on!

Timetable / route 1.-31.7.2022

18:00 Spa Hotel Casino and Vuorilinna
18:15 Pietari Kylliäinen Hotel
18:20 Tott Hotel
18:20  Seurahuone Hotel
18:30 Olavinlinna Castle, Linnankatu stop.

The return journey leaves the stop on Linnankatu for charter buses near the Castle 15 minutes after the end of the performance.


10 € per person, return ticket
6 € per person, single

No advance booking is required except for groups on ten or more. Bus drives daily, except on Sundays.

Read more about Savonlinna Opera Festivals here. 

PDF-version of timetables.



Safety instructions for travelling

Let’s keep travel safe together!

Please note these safety instructions when you travel by bus.

  • Do not travel if you are sick
  • Wear a face mask
  • Maintain a safe distance to other passengers
  • Maintain good hand hygiene

Thank you for your cooperation!


Long-distance journeys during Christmas and New Year

Holidays might cause some exceptions to our timetables, so please check the coming official holidays before planning trip around those days. 

Christmas and New Year 2020-2021

Helsinki-Loviisa -journeys

23.12.20 Wed -weekday journeys
24.-27.12.20 No journeys

Helsinki-Kotka -journeys

23.12.20 Wed -weekday journeys
24.-27.12.20 No journeys
31.12.20 Thur -weekday journeys
2.1.21 Sat -journeys
5.1.21 Tue -weekday journeys
6.1.21 No journeys

Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta -journeys

23.12.20 Wed -weekday journeys
24.-26.12.20 No journeys
27.12.20 S -journeys
1.1.21 S -journeys
6.1.21 S -journeys

Joensuu-Kuopio -journeys

24.12.20 Thur -journeys until 1 pm
25.12.20 No journeys
26.12.20 S -journeys
27.12.20 S- and SS -journeys
1.1.21 S -journeys
3.1.21 S – and SS -journeys
6.1.21 S -journeys

Jyväskylä-Tampere -journeys

23.12.20 Wed -weekday journeys
24.-27.12.20 No journeys

Long-distance changes in December 2020

Unfortunately we have to discontinue some of our long-distance routes in December 2020. You can check all changes in below.

Ends from 14.12.2020

Sun Mikkeli-Helsinki at 14.45-18.00
Sun Kotka-Helsinki at 9.00-11.30
Sun Helsinki-Kotka at 17.00-19.35
Sun Helsinki-Loviisa at 11.45-13.20
Sun Loviisa-Helsinki at 14.25-16.00

Ends from 20.12.2020

Sat Helsinki-Mikkeli at 8.55-12.00

Ends from 31.12.2020

Mon-Fri Loviisa-Helsinki at 6.40-8.55
Mon-Fri Helsinki-Loviisa at 11.10-13.05

Mon-Fri Loviisa-Porvoo at 13.20-14.20
Mon-Fri Porvoo-Loviisa at 14.45-15.45

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Tampere at 17.55-20.00
Mon-Fri Tampere-Jyväskylä at 21.10-23.15

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 7.00-10.45
Sat Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 9.20-13.00
Sun Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 13.00-16.45
Fri-Sat Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 15.15-18.55
Sun Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 18.00-21.55

Fri-Sat Lappeenranta-Jyväskylä at 9.20-13.00
Mon-Fri, Sun Lappeenranta-Jyväskylä at 13.05-16.55
Sat Lappeenranta-Jyväskylä at 15.10-18.55
Sun Lappeenranta-Jyväskylä at 18.00-21.45

Long-distance timetables after 10.8.2020

Schedules for fall 2020

Additions and changes to long-distance traffic

Savonlinja’s long distance traffic have been made some changes to October 2020.

Helsinki – Mikkeli

Fri Helsinki-Mikkeli at 20.24-23.55, ends from 25.9.2020
Sat Helsinki-Mikkeli at 08.55-12.00, starts from 28.9.2020

Jyväskylä – Lahti

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Lahti at 06.45-09.05, starts from 5.10.2020
Mon-Fri Lahti-Jyväskylä at 11.30-14.05, starts from 5.10.2020

Jyväskylä – Lappeenranta

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Mikkeli at 05.55-07.40, ends from 4.10.2020
Mon-Fri Mikkeli-Lappeenranta at 09.15-11.00, ends from 4.10.2020
Fri Jyväskylä-Mikkeli at 14.00-15.45, ends from 4.10.2020
Fri Mikkeli-Jyväskylä at 16.15-18.00, ends from 4.10.2020

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Lappeenranta at 07.00-10.45, starts from 5.10.2020

Loviisa – Porvoo – Helsinki

Mon-Fri Helsinki-Loviisa at 11.00-13.05, ends from 4.10.2020
Mon-Fri Loviisa-Helsinki at 06.45-08.44, ends from 4.10.2020
Mon-Fri Loviisa-Porvoo at 13.15-14.15, ends from 4.10.2020

Mon-Fri Loviisa-Helsinki at 06.40-08.55, starts from 5.10.2020
Mon-Fri Helsinki-Porvoo at 10.30-11.30, starts from 5.10.2020
Mon-Fri Porvoo-Loviisa at 12.15-13.30, starts from 5.10.2020
Mon-Fri Loviisa-Porvoo at 13.20-14.20, starts from 5.10.2020

Jyväskylä – Kuopio

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Kuopio at 7.00-9.10, ends from 4.10.2020
Mon-Fri Kuopio-Jyväskylä at 10.05-12.15, ends from 4.10.2020

Mon-Fri Jyväskylä-Kuopio at 13.10-15.20 starts from 5.10.2020
Mon-Fri Kuopio-Jyväskylä at 16.30-18.40, starts from 5.10.2020

You can check all long-distance timetables and routes here.