Summer time starts 26.3.2017

Finnish summer time starts 26.3.2017 and it will cause a few exceptions to our shifts:

  • 03.00 Helsinki-Lahti-Heinola-Jyväskylä shift leaves one hour later
  • 03.45 Mikkeli-Helsinki shift leaves 1 hour earlier, at 02.45 (wintertime) from Mikkeli.
  • 22.50 Joensuu-Lappeenranta-Hamina-Helsinki shift leaves at 04.20 (summertime) straight from Taavetti to Porvoo, without any stopping. Shift continues normally from Porvoo to Helsinki at 05.40 (summertime). The other bus leaves at 02.40 from Pyhältö to Porvoo, through Hamina-Karhula-Loviisa and it is in Porvoo at 05.40 (summertime). This bus takes care of the passengers who goes somewhere between Taavetti and Porvoo.
  • 00.40 Helsinki-Hamina-Lappeenranta-Joensuu shift leaves from Karhula to Joensuu one hour later.